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We like to think this website is a bit like scattering some of our photos on a table then telling you about that trip.  With every picture you’ll hear a story of how we got there and what we did, some practical advice, and most of all you’ll hear the enthusiasm and excitement in our voices at the opportunity to share it with you. We assume since you’re reading this you’re headed to Costa Rica!

Jumble of our Costa Rica photos
We like to think what’s inside is a jumble of “our” Costa Rica

In 1993 we honeymooned in Costa Rica on touring bicycles and fell in love.In more than two decades of travel we’ve seen most of Costa Rica, lived some incredible experiences, accumulated vast amounts of information and beautiful photographs and we’ve always shared everything for free on this website.

Along the way we collected millions of GPS data points on roads, trails and points of interest and now author and publish the #1 bestselling Waterproof Travel Map of Costa Rica.

Sue & Ray - Costa Rica Guide
Ray & Sue – Costa Rica Guide

parks | stories | trips | when | food | tips


We’ve answered over 30,000 e-mails since we first posted a bicycle travelog in the early nineties (they hadn’t invented “blogs” yet…) so don’t be shy.  If you need advice or want travel planning assistance put your question or travel request in the form and hit submit.

Hopefully Costa Rica Guide is something more than just a travel blog and different from the other websites you’ve found.  As we mentioned above we do have a map for sale and we partner with a great company founded by adventurous friends of ours who book and support full service travel, but we’ve tried hard to make this site about information not sales.

If you think Costa Rica Guide is helpful you can make a huge difference for us by mentioning it to your friends.  Even though it’s all free and we don’t sell advertizing space we do have to make a living. It takes a lot of time, money and effort to create, update and maintain and the map (admittedly the research part is really fun) so we need all the attention we can get.

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This website is dedicated to the loving memory of Joseph “Quincho” Rodriguez – the original Costa Rica Guide – and the whole Rodriguez family who made us welcome in our home away from home.


Joe "Quincho" Rodriguez and Panama Braulio Carrillo
Joe “Quincho” Rodriguez and Panama in Braulio Carrillo on our first day in Costa Rica

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