Weather Map – Rainfall

Average Yearly & Detailed Monthly Rainfall for Anywhere in Costa Rica

The contours on the map below show yearly rainfall totals giving an overview of the rainiest and driest average weather in Costa Rica.  Each region is linked to a monthly rainfall chart which gives a detailed view of regional weather at different times of the year.  

You probably seen charts like this before, but they are very easy to read.

  Map showing average yearly rainfall by region in Costa Rica
    How to read charts  

Mouse over the region of interest to display the monthly rainfall chart. Some cell phones are unable to display this information correctly so we’ve made an alternate static image summary.

The seasonal weather weather map of yearly and monthly sunshine and temperatures for each region compliments this one and is also helpful when you’re trying to decide the best time to visit Costa Rica.

K21 H4 G3 D15 E16 K21 O16 G11 I12 I18 G8 L12 I18 E4 K9 H12 H12a G14 south G14 H10 G10 I13 F9 K6 Osa