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Throughout the Costa Rica guide weather information is presented on simple charts that show the averages for each month of the year.  No matter when you're planning your Costa Rica vacation you can see what to expect in each location at a glance.


Reading Costa Rica Temperature Charts
The temperature charts show the average high and low temperatures for each month at locations around Costa Rica. In this example the average high in Jacó Beach in December is 84 degrees fahrenheit and the low is 72.©



Reading Costa Rica Rainfall Charts
You may not have seen charts like this before, but they are very easy to read. The more of a month that is covered by the blue rainfall blob, the more it rains that month. The red triangles highlight the month of August. In Jacó it rains much less (about 10") than it does in Corcovado (over 20"). Both locations are relatively dry December through March.©



You can see at a glance that Corcovado has a longer wetter rainy season than Jacó, and it's also easy to see that the driest time to travel to either is January through April.  The dip in rainfall at Jacó (Corcovado doesn't have it) during August is called veranillo (little summer) and occurs each year when the inter-tropical convergence zone (ITCZ) moves north past Costa Rica giving a little dry season in the middle of the rainy season in some places. If you're interested in the details you can read all about how Costa Rica's rainy season occurs.



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