Today’s Weather in Costa Rica

Detailed weather for each region of Costa Rica is shown by clicking or tapping a weather symbol and more stations will appear if you zoom in on a region.

The developing El Niño Weather pattern announce in April and subsequently described as strengthening by NOAA has also been described as “a proper El Nino effect” and “quite substantial” by Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology.  It will have increasing effects on Costa Rica’s weather through 2015 and into mid 2016.  Typically the strength and impact increases starting in September and peaks sometime after the new year.

In most regions of Costa Rica the effect of El Niño is drying and especially in the northwest drought is common.

The data for the weather map (and in fact all online weather maps and forecasts for Costa Rica) is pulled from a network of automated remote sensing weather stations.

If something seems a bit weird it probably is.  When looking at the raw data feed I can see that some stations sometimes only update every 24 hours instead of hourly and sometimes they get stuck on the same value for a week or more.  If you’re sitting in Alajuela looking out the window and it’s sunny but the map shows rain this is probably why.

One more note about the current weather map.  Several people have pointed out the there is a station way up by the Nicaraguan border named San Jose and asked us to fix this mistake.  It’s not a mistake, the station is located in the tiny community of San Jose de Upala.

Costa Rica Weather Forecasts

The weather forecasts below are for the three general climate regions – The mountains and central valley (San Jose), Guancaste and the Nicoya Peninsula, and Limon and the Caribbean side.  Longer range weather patterns are available on the pages showing typical conditions for any month of the year in Costa Rica.

We’ve also created nifty maps that show historical rainfall, high and low temperatures and average local hours of sunshine data by month for every region.  These resources are helpful in planning the best time to visit Costa Rica.

If you’re really interested in the weather in Costa Rica we’ve worked out some instructions for creating your own weather forecast (often better than the automated ones) and a detailed graphical description of how the climate in Costa Rica is affected by global heating, wind and ocean currents.