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Waterproof Costa Rica Map
ISBN  0-9763733-2-7
35 in. x 23 in.
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Order Direct from the Publisher. Current, detailed, readable and accurate; this is the best map of Costa Rica available, but don't take our word for it, see the comments to the right, or take a look for yourself.

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  • National Parks & refuges
  • Activities & Attractions
  • San José street map
  • Central Valley detail
  • Waterproof & rugged



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I would have paid $100 for this map twelve years ago just for the information about paved roads, something that most map makers are reluctant to include since those roads change so quickly in a place like Costa Rica.

Indeed, I headed off to San Jose in March of 1993 with my bike in a box and only a vague idea of road quality around the country. My trip went fine and I discovered some pretty interesting unpaved roads as well. But you are always at an advantage when you have current information. And this map has it. . . from Amazon.com reviews—R. Price

Because of the material used, it always folds back correctly unlike paper maps. The map can even be used as a momentary rain shield during one of the many unpredictable rain showers that can come at any time in Costa Rica. Having seen many Costa Rica maps, this one in my opinion is the best one. Great use of detail, color and icons.
from Amazon.com review—J. Alfaro, Florida

... this is really great, well done. I can put a link to your online site on our webpage, as a recommended map of Costa Rica. Also, when I get an opportunity to recommend a map I will always recommend yours.
Pura vida,
—Neta T., Owner-La Finca Que Ama, San Pablo de Turrubares, Costa Rica

I got your map... WOW!!! Seriously, this is a cool map! I love the material, and from what I saw, it is VERY detailed. In fact, you are the only map I have seen of Costa Rica that has the road between San Pablo de Turrubares and Orotina! All the other maps show no road, while it is a great road in real life!
Pura vida,
—Neta T., Owner-La Finca Que Ama, San Pablo de Turrubares, Costa Rica

Ok, so you might need a guide book and a bird book as well but this map goes a long way to provide a Costa Rica map and guide book wrapped into one. I would have paid $100 for this map twelve years ago...
from Amazon.com reviews—R. Price, Colorado

 It is a work of art!! Very logical on the folding too, the more I look at it, the more I like it. Actually, I LOVE it. It is a functional, classy, useful, must have item for anyone traveling to Costa Rica. Or, for that matter any upscale Costa Rican.
—J.A., Jorco, Costa Rica

We're telling all our Costa Rica bound friends about your map. It was so useful to us, especially compared to what else is available!
My husband and I have been going to Costa Rica for 30 years. This time  we chose to do three weeks of beach hopping and were surprised at the totally bumpy road conditions.
Your map helped plan routes more efficiently and provided confidence to wander the "back roads"!
—M. H., New York City

Your Costa Rica Map is FANTASTIC!!!
I am a Tourism Teacher avid adventure traveler. I am most impressed with your new Costa Rica map that just arrived. It is so thoroughly researched and organized. It gives an excellent overview of the national parks, preserves and other local highlights at a glance.
—D.P., Canada

Once in a while one comes across a product that really stands out. Something that tells you "someone really gave some thought to this." This map is one of them. It is a comprehensive and well designed map with more information than just highways of Costa Rica. Every time you unfold it, it shows you a complete section of information.
from Amazon.com review

I want you to know how great the map is that we bought from you. We went off into the boonies but felt as if we knew where we were from the detailed map.
S.H., Arizona

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