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The Costa Rica travel and vacation guide website is a companion to the Toucan Guides waterproof travel map.

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ButterflyHome to detailed information about all the adventures shown on the map from canopy tours to butterfly gardens.  Descriptions of the rain forest, turtle nesting beach and volcano National Parks include maps, hours, hiking trails and what to do. 


OrchidEvery tourism location page automatically maps out hotels, activities, and other parks in the same region so you don't have to search around for them.

OrchidThe Costa Rica Guide covers practical information on weather, safe travel, money, airfare, rent a car, health, and packing for Costa Rica, and we round it out with fun sections on food and Costa Rican recipes, pictures, and travel stories.

Morpho ButterflySo whether you’re considering travel to Costa Rica on an all inclusive tour, an ecology expedition to spot animals, a surfing safari, real estate shopping or you just want a relaxing vacation on the beach, pick a topic from the menu on the left and welcome to the Costa Rica guide…

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Hello! I just had to drop you a line to tell you how much I enjoyed your web site! You both seemed to love traveling there...I'm doing my research to travel there later this month and found your site most helpful! I loved your Screwdriver and your cashew story- too funny! Thanks again for your time and effort on putting this info on the web.

This is cool now my clients finally have a detailed map to find the place!
—B.W., A lodging owner, Costa Rica

I went to Costa Rica with two maps in hand and hopes of backbacking around the Pacific Coast. Like Vermont, Costa Rica can be rather wet. Within two days of hiking, the first map was torn and soggy. The second map was like it was out of the box. I can't stress the importance and practicality of a waterproof map enough. I found this one to be accurate, detailed and above all, higher quality than I've ever experienced. It was a pleasure to order from Toucan guides as well and I've purchased an additional map for my brother.
from review—C.O. Patten, Vermont

Thanks so much....the map is great. It will be very helpful to us on our trip. If you don't get your money, let me know, and I will mail you a check. :)
—L.L., USA

Hi folks --
I have just returned from my trip to Costa Rica cycling with my 13 year old daughter. We had a blast! People were extremely friendly and kind (and incredulous that we were on bicycles). We started out... Thanks again

Once in a while one comes across a product that really stands out. Something that tells you "someone really gave some thought to this." This map is one of them. It is a comprehensive and well designed map with more information than just highways of Costa Rica. Every time you unfold it, it shows you a complete section of information. Because of the material used, it always folds back correctly unlike paper maps. The map can even be used as a momentary rain shield during one of the many unpredictable rain showers that can come at any time in Costa Rica. Having seen many Costa Rica maps, this one in my opinion is the best one. Great use of detail, color and icons. A MUST if you are going to drive in Costa Rica. The maps from the rental companies lack detail or are non existent. I have been using mine for over a year and I would not go to Costa Rica without. It's the first thing I pack....
from review—J. Alfaro, Florida

Ray, Thank you for much for your response. I have been having a h--- of a time trying to determine the best route. Your directions look perfect! Pura vida

Ray, I have been following your responses on the lonely planet site and have been very impressed at how detailed and helpful you have been with information. I just wanted to send you a direct email to express my gratitude. Your website is very helpful.
—B. & R., Canada

Brilliant. Awesome cartography by the way. Practically art. When I first opened the map I was trying to figure out by what people meant by a waterproof map. I was going to have my wife laminate the map when I noticed the map wasn't really wearing thin in the creases like a typical map. Then I realized that it really is a plastic map, not just laminated. Brilliant. Now I just have to figure the best places to hike and ride next month.

—T.L., Florida 

Do you publish maps for any other countries? You certainly should. A map format like yours is a real gem! helpful for amenities and attractions along the way… Your format is so unique, it should be copyrighted.
Keep up the great work!

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