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The Costa Rica travel and vacation guide website is a companion to the Toucan Guides waterproof travel map.

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ButterflyHome to detailed information about all the adventures shown on the map from canopy tours to butterfly gardens.  Descriptions of the rain forest, turtle nesting beach and volcano National Parks include maps, hours, hiking trails and what to do. 


OrchidEvery tourism location page automatically maps out hotels, activities, and other parks in the same region so you don't have to search around for them.

OrchidThe Costa Rica Guide covers practical information on weather, safe travel, money, airfare, rent a car, health, and packing for Costa Rica, and we round it out with fun sections on food and Costa Rican recipes, pictures, and travel stories.

Morpho ButterflySo whether you’re considering travel to Costa Rica on an all inclusive tour, an ecology expedition to spot animals, a surfing safari, real estate shopping or you just want a relaxing vacation on the beach, pick a topic from the menu on the left and welcome to the Costa Rica guide…

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Brilliant. Awesome cartography by the way. Practically art. When I first opened the map I was trying to figure out by what people meant by a waterproof map. I was going to have my wife laminate the map when I noticed the map wasn't really wearing thin in the creases like a typical map. Then I realized that it really is a plastic map, not just laminated. Brilliant. Now I just have to figure the best places to hike and ride next month.

—T.L., Florida 

What a nice site you offer about Costa Rica. Thank you. I don't see how you are gaining income from this info. It appears that you are just doing it to offer info gratis to the general public. It's a very informative site. Do you have a fee for answering questions about Costa Rica? [No, we don't.]

Just got back from 2 weeks in Costa Rica. Your map was GREAT! It got doused by a leaky waterbottle before we even got off the plane in San Jose, and it still stayed together for the whole trip. It totally saved us in San Jose proper, and was very easy to follow for our cruise to Quepos, then up to La Cruz. Your website was extremely helpful in planning our trip. Everything you had to say about the roads and the drivers was absolutely true. Thanks a lot! Pura vida,
—Diane, Boulder CO

Thanks for your help and that website!!
Thanks again for your generosity in constructing the website and constant vigilance with Thorn Tree. I've read the section on "no cost things" and will keep all in mind.
—M.L., Canada

I just wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated your website.  I am moving to Costa Rica in January to teach English in a rural primary school, and your website has been almost the sole source I have consulted in researching my soon-to-be home (and certainly the most useful). 
Keep up the good work.
S. L. J.

one of the best costa rica sites!! thank you so much for all the very valuable information you included on your web site. my boyfriend and I are planning on spending 32 days there is august and this has answered SO many questions. thanks!!

your website is awesome!! I am planning a trip with my boyfriend in January & your site is just what I was looking for!! I just wanted to say thank you!

You have a great and informative website. I travel to Costa Rica in November (first time, solo trip) and am trying to read as much as possible..your website is quite informative. I plan on going back and back again for information!
—Thanks! T.S.

Ray, Thanks for the info. I'll definitely check out those links. It's encouraging to have a stranger take interest and help out. Pura vida,

Hi there
I just wanted to say what a great website you have!! There is so much information and I am truly inspired!! I am really looking forward to my trip to Costa Rica...
—A.W., Australia

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Waterfall Rapelling, Surfing, White Water Rafting, Snorkelling and Zip-Lines. Adventures of a lifetime
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Relax with a cool drink (included of course) under a palm tree on a perfect tropical beach
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Costa Rica is rightly famous for its wildlife and ecological diversity. Plans optimized for birdwatchers and nature lovers.
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