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Anyone on a Costa Rica vacation should have ready access to a minimum first aid kit containing the items listed below. You might also want to look over the contents of the advanced kit to see if anything there sounds like a good idea-especially if you are going on a particularly active or adventurous vacation.

You can get the suggested kit contents in Costa Rica but for conveniences' sake carry enough for a day or two. If diarrhea strikes at 2:00 a.m. you won't want to wait until morning or go to the emergency room because it's the only thing open.

Packing a Simple Kit

Most of these items are probably in your medicine cabinet, and you don't need a fancy multi-pocket nylon case. One of the best ways to carry your kit is in a double layer of one quart zip-lock freezer bags. They are waterproof (preventing leaks in and out), transparent (you can see what you're looking for), tough (get the freezer bags, they're stronger), and disposable (if you do have a leak you can toss the bag and replace it).

Use pills in blister packs, if not use tiny zip locks for a few of each type of pill (tape the original label inside the bag), and get small tubes of the liquids (sample sizes are often perfect). Make the kit compact, and light weight, and carry it everywhere (don't forget to remove the sharp & pointy items and put them in your checked baggage when you fly)

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First Aid Basic Kit
First Aid (Advanced)
Non-First Aid Items in the Kit

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