Costa Rica Wildlife Photography

Most visitors to Costa Rica include at least a day or two of wildlife watching during their vacation and some come specifically for the world class birding, hiking and wildlife photography offered in the diverse National Parks and wildlife refuges.

Amphibian PhotosAmphibian Photos - Most of the amphibians in Costa Rica are frogs. Red eyed tree frogs are one of the most striking brilliantly colored animals found anywhere yet remarkably hard to find in their tree top habitats in the wild even if you know their sharp clacking call.  Posion arrow frogs are nearly as colorful and much easier to spot in the leaf litter and on decaying logs where they hunt ants and termites.  Glass frogs are one of our favorites but are nearly transparent and therefore nearly invisible.
Aquatic Life PhotosAquatic Life Photos - Over 1,300 kilometers of "Rich Coast" on the Pacific and Caribbean shores offer great opportunities to photograph aquatic and sea creatures in Costa Rica.  Good snorkeling and scuba diving is mostly found around offshore reefs and the many tiny islands and nearly every beach and point has tidepools filled with marine creatures.  Hundreds of fresh water creeks, rivers and estuaries are filled with a completely different kind of underwater life.
Bird PhotosBird Photos - We're not very good birdwatchers...we lost count a long time ago of the names and number of species we've seen in Costa Rica, but we're certain the avifauna of Costa Rica is not exceeded in variety, beauty and density anywhere in the world.  The amazing number of habitats in close proximity and sheer number of species make it delight for amateurs like us and an absolute paradise for experienced birders and professional photographers.  
Bug & Insect PhotosBug & Insect Photos - Bugs aren't the first thing that comes to mind when the topic of Costa Rica wildlife comes up but it's easy to see that the mantis, walking sticks, butterflies, bees, katydids and even roaches are some of our favorite subjects to photograph. 
Mammal PhotosMammal Photos - Mammals are one of the hardest subjects to photograph in Costa Rica.  Generally they are shy, often nocturnal and sometimes rare and endangered.  The most famous residents are some of the most rarely seen - getting pictures of a jaguar or tapir for example is almost impossible without an automatically triggered infrared camera trap.  If you've got any great shots to fill in our library please share!