Map of Bijagua Lodges & Amenities

Map of Bijagua Costa Rica

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Free Costa Rica Guide Map Download - Bijagua

Handy pocket sized printable map showing eco-lodges, hotels, restaurants & other local points of interest for downtown Bijagua.  This small community is the gateway to Celeste waterfall in Tenorio national park and this map is a zoomed in detail of a section of the free map download for Tenorio. The main routes in and out of town and distances to the next major town or landmark are shown on the edges of the map.

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The free Costa Rica Guide map download for Bijagua is in pdf format and can be stored on any portable device, i-pad, tablet or computer for use offline or when cell/3G/4G service is unavailable.  The maps are formatted to print at high resolution on standard 8.5 x 11 pages.  This map and several others are also included as convenient inset regional details on the Waterproof Travel Map of Costa Rica.

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We visit each region regularly and all of our maps are updated frequently. However, if you see an error, omission, or something that's changed please let us know.  All of our maps are geo-coded so GPS coordinates are very helpful but not required.

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