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Palo Verde National Park has a uniquely dichotomous character.  It’s simultaneously a spectacular wetlands and one of the best examples of tropical dry forests remaining anywhere in the world.  This dual nature is a result of the Río Tempisque flooding over land located in a relatively arid climate region.


green heron in reeds
Green-backed Heron, Butorides striatus virescens (Spanish-Garcilla Verde, Chocuaco) alongside a trail in Palo Verde National Park. (©1999 Ray Krueger Koplin)


The park, like many in Costa Rica's system consists largely of reclaimed pastureland. Fortunately, in the case of Palo Verde, the haciendas that preceded the park were somewhat different than the clear-cut ranches of the volcanic highlands. The underlying limestone, and the drier climate of the region gave rise to native forests where trees were sparser and there was more grass and forage in the natural ecosystem. Clear-cutting was not always necessary to ranching, and the park escaped it's tenure as pasture with less damage than most.

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Palo Verde National Park covers 17000 hectares. The habitats represented here are margin/edge
freshwater river
tropical dry forest

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Green Sea turtles are named after the color of the layer of fat on their meat, not the color of their shell.
The Amphibians and Reptiles of Costa Rica, Jay M. Savage
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