National Parks & Reserves

Map of Costa Rica’s Protected Areas

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Costa Rica Map of National Parks, Wildlife Refuges and Reserves

Leaders in Conservation

Costa Rica’s National Parks and other protected areas serve as a model of sustainable conservation.

The world owes Costa Rica a debt for the social conscience, political will, original economics, and plain old hard work that have led to the protection of a larger percentage of the land as natural habitat than in any other country.

The incredible ecological diversity is recognized as an irreplaceable treasure by the people and government of Costa Rica and international organizations including the World Wildlife Fund, Conservation International, The Rainforest Alliance, Worldwatch Institute, Organization for Tropical Studies, MacArthur Foundation and the Nature Conservancy.

Other countries including the United States, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and Panama have also contributed much to the growth and protection of the wilds of Costa Rica with debt for nature swaps, grants, and scientific, economic and political expertise.