Costa Rica Map Collection

The collection of practical, helpful and fun maps of Costa Rica.   We’ve been making, buying and studying maps of Costa Rica for over twenty years and these are some of the best we’ve come across.  Sources for traffic, road maps, topo, printable downloads, online images, weather and many more.

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Click to download the PDF version of the Costa Rica map.
Costa Rica Road Map – printable PDF download

Map showing the seasonal variation of rainfall and total annual precipitation for each region in Costa Rica
Weather Map – Seasonal Rainfall

Costa Rica Map of National Parks, Wildlife Refuges and Reserves
National Parks & Reserves Map

Antique map of Gunacaste and volcanoes
Antique Guanacaste & Volcanoes

Tropical storms and Hurricanes Costa Rica Map
Tropical storm and hurricane map.

Waterproof Travel Map of Costa Rica
Waterproof Travel Map of Costa Rica

Distances From Costa Rica
Distances From Costa Rica to Anywhere Map

Topographic (topo) maps of Costa Rica
Topographic (topo) maps of Costa Rica

Earth spinning animated Costa Rica Location
Costa Rica Location

Map showing the average yearly chance of sunshine and the high and low temperatures for each month in each region of Costa Rica
Sunshine & Temp Map

free map, wildlife guide and other stuff when you travel with us
free map, wildlife guide – travel with us

Costa Rica Large Format Wall Map
Large Costa Rica Map

WAZE live traffic and construction info for Costa Rica
WAZE live traffic map

Costa Rica Topo map sheets available in the 133 map series
133 map topo images

With new online tools and gps location and tracking anyone can make a map of Costa Rica and one of the most useful is made by everyone.  We used to maintain a “live” traffic and construction map that was updated by drivers for some of the tourist transportation companies e-mailing or texting us with conditions and us adding it to the map.

WAZE (see link above) has changed all that and now tracks tens of thousands of phones as they move around Costa Rica and calculates traffic based on how fast they are moving.  I know, I know, Google and Apple have been doing this forever in the U.S. and Europe but Costa Rica is always a decade or so behind…¡Pura Vida!

It’s been great for us because although GPS mapping and routing is getting better in Costa Rica it’s still unreliable enough that the sales of our printed Waterproof Travel Map are increasing faster than ever.  Once people are good and lost they can reach in the glove box and pull out the big picture, re-orient and head back out on the road.

If you run across a particularly interesting map of Costa Rica we’d love to hear about it.