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parks and reserves: Costa Rica has a larger proportion of its territory protected by national parks than any other country in the world. This section includes a map of the parks and reserves in Costa Rica, which links to their descriptions.
links: This is a set of links that don't fit easily into any of the other categories on the travel Costa Rica website.
There are several online maps of Costa Rica in this section, as well as information on where to buy paper maps to help you plan your travel.
tour companies:
Although we have always traveled independently in Costa Rica, we have included the recommendations of some of our friends for tour companies.
online newspapers:
There are two newspapers in Costa Rica that publish web versions, one in English and one in Spanish.
We have read all or part of dozens of books about Costa Rica and have included an extensive bibliography, and our recommendations for paper books.
online guidebooks:
One of the most important assets while traveling in Costa Rica is a good guide book. You can get a sense of what some of the guides offer in this section.
language translator:
The babblefish translator at AltaVista is a valuable resource if you want to write, fax or e-mail to someone in Costa Rica who may not read English.
currency converter:
This converter will tell you how much your dollars, pounds or yen are worth in Costa Rican Colones. The exchange rate is kept very current.
what to take:
Some of the recommendations in this section might surprise you if you are a first time traveler to the tropics.
Safety: Tips on how to have a safe fun trip to Costa Rica
Driving and Car Rental: Help deciding whether a rental car is right for you, and tips for saving money and safety if it is.

some suggestions for travel in Costa Rica and some essays on random stuff

Our top ten list...What do you want in a bike...The big screwdriver... Plastic bags... round rock roads... Tico rules of the road... Where to buy post cards... killer cashew... Where not to ride and how to avoid it...




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Costa Rica roadmap

Current, detailed and accurate. Shows canopy tours, hotsprings and other activities.