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Foldable, Rugged, Waterproof Map of Costa Rica
See the detailed description and more images

Costa Rica Road MapAlthough many foldable maps of Costa Rica are available, there is only one we can recommend, the Toucan Guides waterproof map. It's large, double sided, waterproof, tear resistant, detailed, current, easy to read and beautiful as well.

See the detailed description and more images, or...

Order now, US$9.95
Price includes a free instant download of the 26 page PDF Atlas described below, so you can get started seaching and planning now.





Costa Rica PDF Road Atlas
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screennshot of Costa Rica pdf map atlasThe Costa Rica road atlas is a downloadable map that can be read and printed with the free Adobe Acrobat reader. Twelve easy to navigate pages show the roads, beaches, mountains, volcanoes, ecological zones, National Parks and other protected areas of Costa Rica at a highly detailed and easily read scale.

The fully searchable onscreen version is perfect for planning your trip and printed pages make navigating once you arrive a breeze.

Buy the download Only US$4.95.
No shipping or handling charges.
Satisfaction is guaranteed by a no questions full refund.


Topographic maps of Costa Rica

See the Detailed Description and larger images

Sample of Costa Rica Topographic mapTopographic maps of Costa Rica all have the same origin (the Instituto Geográfico Nacional survey) and all share the same shortcoming... they are fairly old (ca. the early eighties). The mountains and most of the rivers in Costa Rica don't move much (one notable exception is the Rio Arenal which was dammed to create lake Arenal, and now runs into the Atlantic instead of the Pacific ocean) but, some of the towns do. Don't count on that little village still being there for resupply and don't be surprised if that little valley you planned on camping in is now the site of a rainforest resort. With that caveat, here's where you can get topo maps online.

Buy topographic maps from OMNI maps $14.95 + SH

You can also buy these maps directly from the Instituto Geográfico Nacional while you are in San José. See the detailed description for more information.

Custom maps of Costa Rica

Small sample image of a customized Costa Rica MapNeed a map showing the route of your tour, or the location of your lodge? We can accommodate with a large variety of static and interactive formats, color schemes, and integration of custom graphics like your logo. Web ready or print publication.

Please contact our graphic designer:

...or see more samples and details

.gif, .jpeg, and .png maps of Costa Rica free for you to use*.

We get many request to use the maps from our website in other sites, presentations and educational materials. We are happy to oblige if you respect our intellectual property by

  1. Don't modify the graphics with the intention of disguising the fact that we made them.
  2. Do give us credit with a link if you feel it's appropriate.
  3. Do copy the image to your server, please don't hotlink (definition).
  4. Don't use them for commercial applications without our permission.

Go to the download page for details and to see what's available.

We are also happy to produce custom maps at very reasonable costs if you don't find what you are looking for in our free selections.

Educational Maps of Costa Rica

These maps of Costa Rica are specifically designed with educators and students in mind. Printable sheets include habitats & ecological zones, rivers & lakes, mountains & volcanoes, elevations beaches, and roads.

See the thumbnails of available maps and download.

If you don't find what you need there try the .gif, .jpeg, and .png maps, or contact our graphic designer.





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Costa Rica roadmap

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