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We appreciate all of the support and feedback that we've recieved over the past decade. In fact it's probably the only reason this website still exists. In 2004 we embarked on a major update and upgrade knowing that we'll get all the help we need from the internet community to make this the best resource possible for travelers to Costa Rica. There are several ways you can give back to at no cost

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Donate the use of your photographs to us. Everyone loves great pictures, and we have thousands of our own photographs of Costa Rica, but many of yours are better!

If you allow us to use your photographs, we will always do so in a respectful manner. All pictures will appear with a caption giving you credit and recognizing your ©copyright ownership (if you want us to, some prefer anonymity). We will also include a link to your photo album, or home page if you would like. Since we now have half a million visitors each year, this is a great way for more people to find your pictures.

If anyone ever contacts us about buying the photograph we will refer them to you.

e-mail and let us know where to look at your pictures if you have them on a web page. If you only have one or two that you're particularly proud of, or want to let us use, just attach them to an e-mail. We'll let you know where you can see them if we use them.

Add a link from your web site to ours. We'd love to have your visitors visit us, so if you want a link to a web site with general information on Costa Rica use this one
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This will open our web site in a new window so people won't get bumped off of your page.

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The sales pitch
We've been providing free information, and travel planning assistance with no ulterior motive for a decade. By late 2003 was so popular that our out-of-pocket expenses were becoming prohibitive. We realized that we would have to start selling something, add those annoying pop-up advertisements, or shut down.

We were quite pleased to discover that there was a way to sell something without compromising the objectivity of the web site, and at no cost to our visitors.

If you're traveling to Costa Rica, you'll probably buy a couple of books, maps and last minute supplies. If you shop at Amazon or Barnes and Noble use one of the links on our site to access these online stores. You pay the exact same price, and we get a few cents commission for sending you there.

Feel free to take advantage of the resources provided at without making any purchases, but don't hesitate to support us as often and heartily as you like.

When available, current prices are given for both Amazon and Barnes&Noble-the best price is highlighted in red. If you factor in shipping and handling charges this price is almost always the lowest available anywhere. If we ever find a lower price we post it. If you ever find a lower price from a reliable dealer, let us know and we'll post it.

You can also use these links
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for any other shopping, and we'll get the commission

Tell us your tales. We love hearing stories and with your permission we might publish them on Costa Rica Guide, of course with a byline giving you credit and recognizing your ©copyright ownership (if you want us to, some prefer anonymity). If we change the story in any way (using only part of it for example), we will contact you before publishing it.

Let us know if there is something wrong with the Costa Rica Guide web site, either information or web functionality (broken links etc.).

Let us know if you have a great tip about anything relating to Costa Rica so we can include it. (like other great web sites, a new flight or bus service, a hotel that just made your day, or a secret hot spring-we love hearing about these and will keep it a secret if you ask us to ;-) We'll be happy to give you credit or let you remain anonymous whichever you prefer.



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